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This Thought-Provoking Ad Urges You To #JaagoRe Before The Next Shuddering Incident Happens

February19/ 2017

If countries and its people were listed on the basis of reactivity (the term borrowed from Chemistry), then take my word for it, us Indians would be ranking pretty high on it. When it comes reactions, we nail the art.

But there’s a slight problem with that. We don’t act or react, at the right time. We always do it much later.

Our reactions come after something thought-provoking has happened, after a child has been raped…


…after a bridge has collapsed or after an incident has left a mark on us.

It is easy to click a picture or record a video of a kid being thrown on a footpath, a car accident or witness a case of mass molestation in front of your eyes. But how many of us act on it or do anything about it?


Our society has a mix of people — pre-activists, activists and non-carers. While pre-activists act promptly or even before things have happened, activists/reactive ones act or are zealous after an incident has taken place. And, non-carers just don’t care.


But this ad by Tata Tea, is a wake-up call. It urges all to #JaagoRe before a rape has happened or a bridge has collapsed or a farmer has committed suicide.

While you can update your social media status or change your profile picture or join a candle march, you should act before the next incident happens. Alarm bajne se pehle #JaagoRe.

Join the ‘Jaago Re‘ Brigade, act before something has happened, don’t turn a blind eye to societal issues. Visit jaagore.com, share your opinions and get involved.

Sote mat raho, Alarm Bajne Se Pehle #JaagoRe.

This story is brought to you in association with Tata


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