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9 Kickass Posters That Perfectly Capture How Technology Has Changed The Way We Live

March12/ 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you were doing something modern with your new gadget and had your elders in wonder?

“Haawww? Aisa bhi kar sakte hain?”

And then they would go three decades back in time saying, “Hamare zamane mein hum toh…..”

Their stories are lovely to hear – the richness of experience, the leisure of time and the personal feel of relationships. Then you look at your own life – the dynamic nature, the hyper-connectivity and speed at which we move through life. That’s when you see the subtle differences in the way different generations lived their lives.

Both are significant and unique in their experiences and the following posters capture it perfectly.

1. Dating


2. Efficient and fast banking


3. Haggling for prices is a non-issue


4. You do not have to fiddle with wires and ports anymore


5. Chilling out with friends


6. Waking up in the morning


7. Your bae is just a click away


8. Basic fitness


9. Vacation memories


10. Things may have changed, for good. But imagine the power if we combine the soch of the earlier generation with our new approach

At the end, after one day, even we will wonder at our kids’ new soch and approach at life. Until then, let’s make our approach count.



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