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10 Amazing Ways To Search Google That Most People Don’t Know

April01/ 2017

Almost every person on earth who has access to internet uses Google at least once every day. Google is at the tip of fingers of any internet savvy. Today’s world is a fast paced. Would there be anyone who does not like shortcuts, then?
The same applies to searching anything on Google. There are effective ways which save much of your time and efforts as well. And surprisingly, most of the people don’t know these ways. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

1. Specific Site:

How would it be when you search your required stuff on a particular website? Nice. Isn’t it? For this, all you have to do is type, “site:” into the search bar followed by the website you want to search and then the search item.

2. Synonymous Words:

If you are a researcher and you need to research on a subject rather on a particular phrase. Add the “~” symbol to your search and you get all the websites for the synonymous words as well.

For instance, type “healthy ~food” in the Google search bar, and you’ get all the results including information on healthy eating, healthy recipes, as well as healthy dining options.

3. Minus Symbol:

If exact phrase doesn’t get you what you need, you can specifically exclude certain words using the minus symbol.

A search for “Joe Bloggs” -jeans will find results for Joe Bloggs, but it will exclude those results for the Joe Bloggs brand of jeans.

4. Either This Or That:

When you need to search some stuff and you are not sure of the words or names, don’t be worried. Type all you need to search and separate them by typing the “|”or “or” as shown.

5. Use Asterisk:

When the exact keyword gets erased from your memory, what would you do? Turn to the powerful “*” symbol. Type it in the place of the words/phrase you forgot, and you get the results you’re looking for.

6. Similar Websites:

If you want to find similar websites, say, shopping websites or NEWS websites, type in “related:” and the address of the site, without a space between them.

7. Whole Phrases:

If you are looking for certain words or phrases in exact order, type whole of it in between the” ” symbols and you get your desired result.

E.g. Type “how Wikipedia works”, you’ll get only the results with these words appearing in the order you typed them in.

8. Around (missing words):

When you forget some of the words of a phrase and luckily remember first and last words, all you need to do is type your remembered words with “AROUND + (the approximate number of words missing)“ in between.

9. Compare (Vs):

When you are planning for a diet, this is an awesome shortcut. You can easily compare Foods in Google search to know their differences. All you need to type is food 1 VS food 2.

10. For a Specific Period of Time:

If you need to search a result for specific period of time you need to just click on Search tools and select your duration and you get the results based on your selected period.



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