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Photographer Travels the World to Take Stunning Aerial Shots of People’s bedroom

February18/ 2017

The bedroom is the arguably the most private and intimate space in any home and it’s the one room that can be found in every culture around the world. Sure, the contents of the room may be different, but its purpose is universal.

South African photographer John Thackwray wanted to capture the diversity of cultures from all around the world by taking pictures of this private space we all universally share in a photo series titled My Room Project.

It began in 2010 when Thackwray was in Paris. He wanted to find a unique way to meet people his age and see how young adults lived in different countries. What started out as a hobby slowly turned into a photojournalistic project spanning 55 countries with thousands of pictures of bedrooms taken from places ranging from Katmandu in Nepal to Tehran in Iran.

Thackwray focused exclusively on people born in the 80s and 90s in order to show the attitudes, hopes, and dreams of a generation spread out across the globe. His series doesn’t discriminate and contains pictures from participants from all works of life—rich, poor, traditional, modern.

ROOM#385 – PEMA – Katmandu – Nepal

ROOM#256 – RYOKO – Tokyo – Japan

ROOM#205 – GULLE – Istanbul – Turkey

ROOM#290 – YUAN – Dali – China

ROOM#416 – OLEG – Novosibirsk – Russia

ROOM#829 – SALEH – Riyad – Saudi Arabia

ROOM#348 – ASHA – Bamansemilya – India

ROOM#365 – LALU – Varanasi – India

ROOM#219 – MALEEQ – New York – United States

ROOM#024 – JOSEPH – Paris – France

ROOM#665 – MARCELLO – La Paz – Bolivia

ROOM#149 – OSIA – Ha Selomo – Lesotho

ROOM#192 – ANDREEA – Bucharest – Romania

If you want to see more of Thackwray’s work, check out his website. My Room Project is available for pre-order as a book of photographs with participant testimonies.


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