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Mark Zuckerberg Gave PM Modi’s Example Of ‘Transparent Govt.’ In His Latest FB Post

February23/ 2017

In a very comprehensive message to all FB users, Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts about globalization and the whole world coming together to form a global community.

The Internet and social media have drastically reduced the way people communicate with each other. This is evident in how events in the USA result in memes in India.

Mark Zuckerberg talked about how we can use this ‘global community’ to make a better world for ourselves. One of his topics was how people can be proactive and involve themselves in making their localities better by interacting with the local politician directly.

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Mark Zuckerberg cited Narendra Modi’s example for this point because PM Modi recently asked his ministers to share their work on Facebook so that the citizens can give a direct feedback in the comments section

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“In India, Prime Minister Modi has asked his ministers to share their meetings and information on Facebook so they can hear direct feedback from citizens.”

It is good to know that Mark Zuckerberg speaks and thinks highly of Narendra Modi’s policies because his own country’s President is sending ripples across the USA with his controversial policies. He wrote about this ‘polarisation’ in his post too.

Facebook has become a valuable tool in giving a voice to the regular citizen. And that is what Mark talked about. And with PM Modi’s policy of including the voters in the discussion process, we can make a better society of ourselves.


You can read Mark Zuckerberg’s full post here –

H/T – The Indian Express


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