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February09/ 2017

Originally Published by Robin Sharma, The Author of “The Monk who sold his ferrari” & “The leader who had no title”

Happy New Year! may this new year be your absolute best year yet!

Well this is a very important article as I share some powerful ideas and techniques to help you make the first 90 days of this new year phenomenally focused,productive and inspired.Please consider that the way you begin this year sets the tone and stage for whether this year creates your breakthrough or just become another repeat of last year.

So every once in a while a year comes along that’s like no other. It’s our chance to get a fresh start, a new beginning an opportunity to rethink and re-wire the way you show up in the world. In the time of dramatic change so much disruption, so much complexity,too much uncertainty,for the timid this will be a hard year but for the bold it will be an awesome year. A year to shatter all fears, A year to create explosive confidence, A year to do world-class work, A year to get fit like an athlete, A year to produce like Picasso, A year to love like there’s no tomorrow and this is my great wish for you that you never become a victim and always be a hero.That you shift from making excuses to revealing results that you see the next 12 months as a gorgeous gift to create and live the life of your highest and bravest dreams and please remember just because your past may not have been perfect doesn’t means that your future can’t be amazing. I invite you to think about one of my favorite quotes. It comes from George Bernard Shaw who wrote “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying making world adapt to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”

My respectful challenge to you right now, at the beginning of the year that has the potential to be epic and monumental is to commit yourself to “UNREASONABILITY” 

Beginning today, start to practice the ability to be unreasonable. Become unreasonable about your expectation about what you will create, produce and achieve this year because science confirm us that our expectation drives our performance.Be unreasonable in your commitment to mastery and utter avoidance of mediocrity.Be unreasonable to the level of health and fitness you will develop these next 12 months because you can’t become legendary if you have no energy. Be unreasonable in the goals you pursue and the dreams you will realize . Be unreasonable in  the integrity that you will live by and the values you will follow because doing what’s right never goes out of style. Be unreasonable in the people you will encourage and the lives you will uplift.Be unreasonable with the courage you will model and the passion you will share. Be unreasonable in the results you will deliver and the projects you will complete and be unreasonable with the happiness you will express as well as the love you’ll give. Please also know you are not alone as you commit to making “unreasonability” your way of being. I’m with you on this ride,here to inspire,help,support and serve.Finally may I suggest you focus on installing 3 simple but transformational habits over the next 90 days.Practice them daily because the quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance as the spartan warriors used to say  “The one who sweats more in practice bleed less in war”.

Protect your mindset

Everything begins with belief. If you don’t believe you can make this year your absolute best year yet, you won’t even take the first step to get big things done. Clean out all toxic influences that diminish your happiness. Surround yourself with people smart,faster and more excellent than you. Stop watching the unhealthy TV. Spend times doing things that matter. that allevates you, keep it on your best game. Your environment influences your mindset. Make it world class.

Prepare to win the night before

The way you end each day really sets up how you feel when you wake up the next day.So, develop a nightly ritual so that you rise full of focus,energy and fire in your belly. I suggest that your nightly ritual be 30 minutes long. Start with planning your next day, then write the top 3 lessons the day has tought you and finally list 3 positive things that happened to you that day. Ending your day with gratitude, will release neurotransmitters in your brain that will boost happiness and personal power. Final habit to install.

These 90 days just focus monomaniacally on your single best opportunity.

Confucius said   “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither”. You really can make this the single best year of your life yet….but you absolutely must shift from trying to be good at many things and have the discipline to focus on being great at one thing.

So again, my sincere and largest wishes for your massive success in this new year. Together let’s get you to a life that amazes people . And together let’s build a world that all of us are proud to live in.

All green lights with much laugh!!!! Happy New Year


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