Here Are Governor Swaraj’s Epic Replies When Twitter Asked Him About Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj’s husband Swaraj Kaushal is famous on Twitter for his razor sharp wit. If any person asks him a redundant question, you can be sure that the answer is going to be dripping with humour.

There was this one time when someone had asked him why he had been blocked by Sushma Swaraj on Twitter and his reply had been epic.

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It looked like he was in a very good mood on Friday when he lit Twitter with laughter –

1. Someone found out that he was not following Sushma Swaraj on Twitter and asked him this




2. One citizen was concerned that Sushma Swaraj had not been active on Twitter for a while




3. One Twitter user even went ahead and asked him whether his marriage was arranged or not




4. Aaaaand there is this guy who asked the Governor when was the last time he met Sushma Swaraj




5. One user just could not hold back his compliment about how both Sushma and Governor had a good sense of humour



Forget all the Hollywood and Bollywood couples, THIS is relationship goals. 42 years on, they still are happy, laughing and certainly in love!

We’ll be tuned in for more of these humourous quips from the Governor of Humor in India.

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News Source – The Times Of India

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