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6 simple exercises to do which will keep you relaxed

April14/ 2017

  1. Lie flat on the floor whenever you feel tired. Stretch as tall as you can. Roll around if you want to. Do it twice a day.Image result for close your eyes and pray
  2. Close your eyes. You might try saying, as Professor Johnson recommended, something like this: ‘The sun is shining overhead. The sky is blue and sparkling. Nature is calm and in control of the world – and I, as nature’s child, am in tune with the Universe.’ Or – better pray!
  3. If you cannot lie down, because you can’t spare the time, then you can achieve almost the same effect sitting down in a chair. A hard, upright chair is the best for relaxing. Sit upright in the chair like a seated Egyptian statue, and let your hands rest, palms down, on the tops of your thighs.
  4. Now, slowly tense the toes – then let them relax. Tense the muscles in your legs – and let them relax. Do this slowly upward, with all the muscles of your body, until you get to the neck. Then let your head roll around heavily, as though it were a football. 
  5. Quiet your nerves with slow, steady breathing. Breathe from deep down. The yogis of India were right : rhythmical breathing is one of the best methods ever discovered for soothing the nerves.
  6. Think of the wrinkles and frowns in your face, and smooth them all out. Loosen up the worry-creases you feel between your brows, and at the sides of your mouth. Do this twice a day, and maybe you won’t have to go to a health club to get a massage. Maybe the lines will disappear from the inside out!

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