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5 simple ideas to Avoid Fatigue – and Keep Looking Young!

April13/ 2017

5.Keep a notebook or scrapbook for ‘ inspirational’ reading.

 Into this book you can paste all the poems, or short prayers, or quotations, which appeal to you personally and give you a lift. Then, when a rainy afternoon sends you spirits plunging down, perhaps you can find a recipe in this book for dispelling the gloom. Many patients kept such notebooks for years. They said it was a spiritual ‘shot in the arm.’

4.Don’t dwell too long on the shortcomings of others! 

One woman at the class who found herself developing into a scolding, nagging, and hagged-faced wife, was borought up short with the question: ‘What would you do if your husband died?’ She was so shocked by the idea that she immediately sat down and drew up a list of all her husband’s good point. She made quite a list. Why don’t you try the same thing the next time you feel you married a tyrant? Maybe you’ll find, after reading your spouse’s virtues, that he or she is a person you’d like to meet!

3.Get interested in people!

Develop a friendly, healthy interest in the people who share your life. One ailing woman who felt herself so ‘ exclusive’ that she hadn’t any friends, was told to try to make up a story about the next person she met. She began, in the bus, to weave backgrounds and settings for the people she saw. She tried to imagine what their lives had been like. First thing you know, she was talking to people everywhere – and today she is happy, alert, and a charming human being, cured of her ‘pains’.

2. Make up a schedule for tomorrow’s work before you go to bed tonight.

The class found that many people feel driven and harassed by the unending round of work and things they must do. They never got their work finished. They were chased by the clock. To cure this sense of hurry, and worry, the suggestion was made that they draw up a schedule each night for the following day. What happened? More work accomplished; much less fatigue; a feeling of pride and achievements; and time left over for rest and enjoyment.

1.Finally – avoid tension and fatigue. Relax! Relax!

Nothing will make you look old sooner than tension and fatigue. Nothing will work such havoc with your freshness and looks! Yes, you have got to relax! Strangely enough, a good hard floor is better to relax on than an inner-spring bed.It gives more resistance. It is good for the spine.


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