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This Is The Odd Reason Why You Should Condition Your Hair First And Wash It With Shampoo Afterwards

April06/ 2017

In the world of hair care, there’s a new update that many would like to try. Have you heard about ‘reverse washing’? You might have heard about it, but you’re not sure whether it actually works or not. The process of reverse washing works when you condition your hair and then use shampoo on it. Many beauty bloggers and product marketing campaigns have promised that it enhances the volume and keeps your scalp less oily, but is it really reliable?

A few women vouch for it, but there are others who’d stick to the normal routine. If you’re one to experiment, then check out a few instructions and rules that you need to follow before getting into it.

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Conditioner before shampoo is a huge rage among women. 

the resersal method

But does it actually work? Is it safe to try?

It may sound strange.

the resersal method

We’ve grown up to shampoo our hair first and then use conditioner on it. But could it work in reverse order as well?

It is recommended for people with oily scalps.

the resersal method

You may think it would make your hair more oily, but it’s actually proven to be beneficial.


Hair doesn’t feel greasy at all. 

the resersal method

Women have reported that their hair actually feels more bouncy and not limp at all.

It enhances hair volume.

the resersal method

Women have said that they can go on for two days without washing their hair.

It will be easy to do.

the resersal method

Just apply conditioner and keep it for a few minutes before rinsing and applying shampoo to your hair. You’d probably find it odd initially, but you’d get used to it.

Is this a good solution?

the resersal method

Some people definitely swear by it and say that it changed their lives. It would be a bit difficult to incorporate this within your routine, but it’s seriously worth a try.

Source: https://www.wittyfeed.com/story/35932/this-is-why-conditioning-your-hair-before-shampoo-works


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