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10 Must-Know Home Remedies That Will Change Your Life For The Better

April02/ 2017

Have you ever suffered from sore feet, heartburn, nausea, sore throat or other ailments that life throws at you? I bet you wish you knew a quick and cheap treatment to help you in your times of suffering? Well, wish no more my friends. Read on as I have put together 10 home remedies that will help you with your troubles, and because I’m such a nice guy, you can have these for free.

I should probably mention I have no medical degree. I think the closest I came to becoming a doctor was in my first year at primary school when I was playing ‘Doctors and Nurses’ with a female classmate. Luckily they stopped me before I began my surgery.


 1. Baking Soda for your feet.


If you spend all day on your feet and return home with aching feet, then soak them in a bowl of water and three tablespoons of baking soda. Not only will your feet feel cleaner but they will feel a whole lot better.

2. Listerine for foot fungus.


Listerine is a wonderful thing. It contains essential oils that are both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. If you have foot fungus then soak your feet in warm water and a quarter cup of Listerine. It will work wonders!

3. Tea to sooth sunburn.


Tea isn’t just a mighty drink to suit any occasion, it can also help to sooth sunburn. Just mix three teabags in lukewarm water, once it has brewed, add some ice and apply to your sunburn with a towel.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar for a sore throat.


Just simply dilute the apple vinegar with water and gargle away. It will really help your sore throat!

5. Baking Soda for heartburn.


Drink a teaspoon of baking soda with water and it will neutralise the acids in your stomach, settling down the heartburn.

6. Honey for wounds.


Place a bit of honey on the wound under the plaster and this will help aid the healing process.

7. Ginger for nausea.


Add a little quantity of honey into a mug of ginger tea, add a splash of lemon juice and this will help your problem with nausea.

8. Garlic to cure a sore throat.


If you can stomach it, mix some pressed garlic with water and gargle it, which will help you to cure your sore throat.

9. Cherries to help you doze off.


If you are having trouble sleeping, then chow down on some cherries. It is because they contain melatonin.

10. B-50 for a hangover.


If you have overdone it on a night out and are sure of a well-deserved adult headache the next morning, then get some B-50 down your neck before you go to sleep. This will help you wake up feeling a tad fresher.

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