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10 Lesser Known Things That Are Bad For Your Health

March22/ 2017

You know how having a bad sleep routine, overeating and not exercising can lead to bad health. You know how even a couple of hours of sitting can decrease your good cholesterol levels by 20 percent and increase your risk of diabetes. While these are quite well-known, there are many lesser known every day things that can hamper your health.

For instance, a recent survey by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) reveals that three-quarters (73 per cent) of women have suffered with back pain and their wardrobe could be a major cause of the discomfort. It says that clothing and accessories such as skinny jeans, oversized bags and those worn on one side of the body, coats with large fluffy hoods, high heeled shoes and backless shoes are the main culprits behind increasing number of women suffering from back pain.

Here we give you a list of more such lesser known things that can hamper your health.

Your new car can emit harmful gases
Nothing can beat the feeling of buying a new car. And, when it is brand new it smells like heaven. However, the bad news is that the odour can actually be toxic. New materials in a car are made of plastic, upholstery and adhesives and studies suggest that concentrated combinations of these in high temperatures can emit harmful gases. So, it is better to keep the windows open for the first few days.

Mosquito repellent machines lead to allergies
Prolonged exposure to mosquito repellent can have a long term effect on your lungs. It can lead to breathing problems and in some cases it can also have immediate effects like sneezing and itching. So, if your child sneezes every morning, you know the reason.

Wearing a tie puts pressure on your eyes
A recent study shows that adjusting tie to even a slightly uncomfortable position can lead to increased pressure on eyes. Even if it is done just for two minutes, it can lead to increased intraocular pressure, which is the main cause of many eye diseases.

Washing machines spread germs
So, you thought your clothes are safe from bacteria as you are quite regular with laundry? It could actually be the other way round. Experts say that washing machines are teeming with bacteria that find their way onto your clothes. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona says, “If you wash a load of just underwear, there will be about 100 million E. coli in the wash water, and they can be transmitted to the next load of laundry.”

Brushing teeth immediately after eating erodes your enamel
It is a good idea to brush before having food or few hours later. When you brush immediately after having food, the acidity in food causes enamel to soften. This can totally spoil your enamel. So brush before food and don’t focus too much on enamel.

A cup of strong coffee first thing every morning affects liver
While having coffee has its own benefits, having a strong one every morning can lead to liver problems later in life. So, have few almonds or something nutritious first and then go for your favourite cup of coffee. Also, ensure it is not very strong.

Incessant texting leads to cell phone elbow
Using smartphone continuously for hours can cause a syndrome called cell phone elbow. You are suffering from this disorder when feel numbness, tingling and pain in the forearm. Cutting off from smartphones on and off is the only possible solution.

Too much exposure to sunlight causes photo aging
While exposure to sunlight is very good for its abundant supply of vitamin D, excessive exposure can affect your skin health. The ultraviolet radiations of the Sun causes gradual breakdown of the elastin fibers. Over time it can result in skin sagging, easy bruises and premature aging.

Sleeping in your bra leads to restlessness
It is often said that wearing bra to sleep can hurt breast tissue due to restricted blood circulation. However, it can also affect your sleep. Just like how wearing clothes too tight to sleep can cause discomfort, wearing a bra can lead to an irritation you may not even notice and you will end up waking up feeling drained again.

Foam sofa may contain toxic chemicals
Buying a perfect couch can be quite a task. However, we often end up buying one that can actually do you a lot of harm. Scientists have found that foam sofa cushions, designed to resist fire, may contain potentially toxic chemicals.

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