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I Was Warned Not to Try to Speak or to Move Even a Finger

April09/ 2017


Several years ago I witness in a lawsuit that caused me a great deal of mental strain and worry. After the case was over, and I was returning home in the train, I had a sudden and violent physical collapse. Heart trouble. I found it almost impossible to breathe.

When I got home the doctor gave me an injection. I wasn’t in bed- I hadn’t been able to get any furthur than the living-room settee. When I regained consciousness, I saw that the parish priest was already there to give me final ab solution!

I saw the stunned grief on the faces of my family. I knew my number was up. Later, I found out that the doctor had prepared my wife for the fact that I would probably be dead for less than 30 minutes. My heart was so weak I was warned not to try to speak or to move even a finger.

I had never been a saint, but I had learned one thing – not to argue with God. So I closed my eyes and said, ‘ Thy will be done. . . If it has to come now, Thy will be done.’

As soon as I gave in to that thought, I seemed to relax all over. My terror disappeared, and I asked myself quietly what was the worst that could happen now. Well, the worst seemed to be a possible return of the spasms, with excruciating pains – then all would be over. I would go to meet my Maker and soon be at peace.

I lay on that settee and waited for an hour, but the pains didn’t return. Finally, I began to ask myself what I would do with my life if I didn’t die now. I determined that I would exert every effort to regain my health. I would stop abusing myself with tension and worry and rebuild my strength.

That was four years ago. I have rebuilt my strength to such a degree that even my doctor is amazed at the improvement my cardiograms show. I no longer worry. I have a new zest for life. But I can honestly say that if I hadn’t faced the worst – my imminent death – and then tried to improve upon it, I don’t believe I would be here today. If I hadn’t accepted the worst, I believe I would have died from my own fear and panic.


Mr. Ryan is alive today because he made use of the principle described in the Magic Formula –



Originally Published in ” How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie


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