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Whiling The Nights Away….

April01/ 2017

Those silent sobs soaking in the saline smile,

Increasing the bitterness that shot through by and by

Those sleepless stings of the night so sore,

Masqued underneath the early morning chores.

Briskly moving. Hush! no sounds no stutters,

Lest the dark should know, how the night was spent in clutters.

Smiling, laughing, giggling all day-

But a thorn, constantly there to stay.

Twisting and churning the heart, without any gain,

“It’s bleeding!” “It’s bleeding!” , “Oh, but no pain.”

Slowly, silently it’s creeping closer,

Eyes shut, but it’s inching all over,

“Hear the heart race”,

“Hear the breath gasp”.

The saline smile is lost in silence again,

The not so silent sobs flow like a river,

Mixing with blood and making it bitter.

It’s only the night,

Unfurling the sobs, unmasqing the sleeplessness,

Slowly lulling, with a broken sound of a hollow heart.

Ah! The stings of the night,

Relieve every moment of the saline smile.

Oh if only it were to take the mornings away,

There’s so much peace in whiling the sleepless nights away.


Written by : Spriha Misra


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