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Want to become Socially Confident – Just Stop Caring! That’s it!!

March31/ 2017

Stop caring.

I know your parents told you always to think before you talk.

They were wrong.

Thinking gives you social anxiety. Often, it leads to pain.

I read one-hundred-and-twenty books in a year. At the end of the year, my life was the same. Why would it change? Knowledge is useful only when applied. I’d spent a year thinking rather than doing.

The next year, I stopped reading. With the extra time, I wrote three hundred blog posts and a book. My income tripled, I received speaking opportunities, and created one of the largest marketing communities in Silicon Valley.

Being socially confident is about taking action. Because only action can lead to reward.

When someone makes fun of you or rejects you, don’t think about it. As soon as you start thinking, you stop taking action and feel anxious. So, move forward with every bad situation while keeping a happy-go-lucky attitude and smile.

The other day, I flirted with this cute, dark-skinned girl with long, wavy black hair. She rejected me ten times in an hour before she kissed me.

Most guys would’ve given up after the first rejection. No one sticks around for ten.

I’m sure there were many times when she thought about walking away, but she was intrigued by the simple fact that I didn’t care.

I brushed off rejection like it never happened by moving the conversation forward with jokes and fun conversation.

For the entire hour, she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t hurting.

Eventually, she got it.

“You’re super confident? Aren’t you?”

“I don’t think about it. I don’t get mad. I’m just here living in the moment.”

“Not even a little mad?”

“Are you worried about something?”

She looked stunned. I expressed myself as a socially confident person, then indicated her questions revealed her own anxiety.

In a couple of sentences, we reversed social standing. Then she gave me a dreamy look of wanting to get to know me better. Seconds later, we kissed.

I knew the scenario would play out like this. It always does.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly, poor, and stutter. As long as you keep moving forward with a smile and without thinking about what you do or say, then people will gravitate towards you. They can’t help it.

It’s the law of attraction.

And it starts with action.



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