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This MP Put Personal Safety Aside And Helped An Injured Police Officer In London Attacks

March26/ 2017

All of India celebrated Ian Grillot as a hero when he put his own life in danger to save an Indian from a terrorist who just wanted to kill.

 Just like Ian Grillot, a British MP put his own life at risk by coming to an aid of a police officer yesterday during the London attack. All MPs were told to take shelter inside the parliament as the crazy ‘terrorist’ ran over a bunch of people with his vehicle. The killer even stabbed and shot people outside. No one knew if the attacker was still at large or dead.

In the scuffle, the killer grievously injured one of the police officers outside the parliament building.

Not caring for his safety and acting like a model citizen, MP Tobias Ellwood ran towards the injured policeman to help him. He gave the officer mouth to mouth resuscitation and even applied pressure to the wounds.

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He continued doing this until the emergency medical services arrived on the scene. While he was doing this, the rest of the MPs were gathering inside the parliament’s chamber floor because it was safe and secure.

 The MP has served in the British Army as an officer and had lost his brother in a terrorist attack in Bali. He knew what it is to lose a person to a terrorist attack.
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He served in the regular army from 1991 to 1996. And even though he is an MP today, he still remains an Army reservist, which means that he can report for duty if the country needs him.

And this is not the first time he has been injured trying to help people. The MP was involved in a similar situation when he tried to stop a ‘gang’ after he saw them urinating on someone’s lawn. He was hospitalised after the gang attacked him.

Tobias Ellwood
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“He has previously said he feels more ordinary people should be prepared to tackle antisocial behaviour.”

Which is true. Even though all of us might not be police officers or army personnel, we as citizens have a responsibility to uphold the law. And prevent people from undertaking antisocial behavior.

That can be anything from damaging public property in trains and railway stations to a terrorist killing people.

MP Tobias Ellwood is the prime example of not only how an MP should react to an emergency, but also how a regular citizen should react.

He is indeed an MP who leads by example.

News Source – NDTV


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